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Sunny Isles is easily one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in all of South Florida, and it is an ideal location for those looking for a new home, or even for an investment home. The location is beautiful, safe, and near many of the most popular places to visit in the area, including the gorgeous beaches. One of the best buildings in the area is Trump Tower III, which has a host of different units that should be suitable for families of many sizes and needs. It’s close to great shopping areas, places to enjoy the nightlife, quality schools, and so much more.

When you are searching for a home at Trump Tower III, make sure you take the time to look at all of the different options currently available. You will be able to find a variety of different sizes, including penthouses for those who want to have a bit more space and a bit more luxury. While looking at the various properties, consider all of your needs and how you will be using the condo unit. Find the one that works best for your budget and your needs. Get in contact with us, and we’ll help you find your new home.

3 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Tower 3 condo
1801$2,349,000$8023/4/12928Feb 23, 2018A10419861
1201$2,325,000$7943/4/12928Oct 31, 2019A10764883
2301$2,100,000$7173/4/12928Feb 27, 2020A10788600
2706$1,585,000$6203/4/12558Sep 26, 2019A10741451
2104$1,499,000$5863/4/12558Mar 26, 2019A10642978
1604$1,499,000$5863/4/12558Mar 04, 2020A10827110
3306$1,499,000$5863/4/12558Jan 15, 2019A10598761
2406$1,498,999$5863/4/12558Jun 14, 2018A10485696
4103$1,455,000$7523/3/01935May 01, 2019A10656293
3704$1,395,000$5453/4/12558Feb 27, 2020A10804814
3902$1,375,000$6973/4/11974May 21, 2018A10471724
2804$1,360,000$5323/4/12558Jul 08, 2019A10701439
3507$1,350,000$6483/3/02084Mar 02, 2020A10825570
2103$1,295,000$6693/3/01935Sep 28, 2017A10335759
502$1,270,000$6333/4/12005Oct 06, 2017A10351292
2607$1,220,000$5853/3/02084Sep 10, 2019A10607954
2602$1,200,000$6083/4/11974Nov 07, 2017A10368557
2307$1,199,000$5753/3/02084Jul 01, 2019A10698707
3503$1,199,000$6203/3/01935Oct 21, 2019A10650843
2503$1,189,000$03/3/00Feb 27, 2020A10774554
1002$1,140,000$5783/4/11974Oct 29, 2019A10760630
1703$1,100,000$5683/3/01935Apr 02, 2020A10557664
903$1,100,000$03/3/00Nov 12, 2019A10771191
802$1,099,000$5573/4/11974Mar 13, 2020A10752376
402$850,000$4123/4/12061Feb 27, 2020A10785237
2 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Tower 3 condo
4007$1,299,000$6232/3/02084Aug 28, 2019A10329559
2207$1,150,000$5522/3/02084Feb 27, 2020A10823870
3705$950,000$6492/2/01463Jul 31, 2019A10714681
1905$860,000$5882/2/01463Mar 11, 2019A10634521
1205$820,000$5602/2/01463Jun 13, 2018A10484633

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