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Do you love the idea of living in beautiful Sunny Isles, but you don’t have the funds to buy, or maybe you are temporarily relocating for work? Maybe you want to see what living in the area is like before you actually commit. Regardless of the reason, you don’t necessarily have to buy a property right now; you can always rent. In fact, there are a number of great options in the area when it comes to rentals, including Trump Tower II. Many of the units in the building are ready to rent.


Trump Tower II has quite a few things about it that help to make it a fantastic place to rent. For starters, many of the units have some fantastic views of the water. In addition, you will always be just a short distance from the beach. Getting to the downtown area of Miami and even to Fort Lauderdale is fast and easy as well. You can find plenty of shopping and dining, and it’s all encompassed in a safe and welcoming neighborhood. If you’ve been thinking about renting a unit in the Sunny Isles area, make sure you contact us about Trump Tower II so you can live in the lap of luxury.


3 Bedrooms for rent in Trump Tower 2 condo
2201$12,000$43/4/12928Nov 28, 2018A10577515
1601$10,700$43/4/12928Apr 18, 2018A10447149
4001$10,700$43/4/12900Feb 11, 2019A10608436
1901$10,000$43/4/12768May 16, 2019A10673879
2807$9,000$43/3/02106Feb 19, 2019A10619321
1203$8,000$43/3/01962Sep 28, 2017A10301584
1804$8,000$33/4/12327Nov 28, 2018A10576398
2303$7,800$43/3/01962Jul 10, 2018A10497820
3707$6,500$33/3/02106Jun 11, 2019A10688361
4203$6,500$33/3/01962Sep 28, 2017A10291940
4303$6,000$33/3/01962Jan 03, 2018A10393558
2706$6,000$33/4/12327Apr 29, 2019A10663244
3907$5,850$33/3/02106Mar 11, 2019A10635118
PH02$5,750$33/4/11979May 11, 2019A10670229
2104$5,500$23/4/12327Jan 15, 2019A10599501
2907$5,499$33/3/02106Jul 10, 2018A10499682
2607$5,200$23/3/02106Apr 18, 2019A10656631
2703$5,150$33/3/01962Sep 21, 2018A10531486
3607$4,950$23/3/02106Apr 12, 2019A10653822
703$4,800$23/3/01962Feb 19, 2019A10619552
1003$4,700$23/3/01962May 02, 2019A10666089
4102$4,500$23/4/11979Jun 11, 2019A10688026
402$4,200$23/4/12001Apr 12, 2019A10651508
2 Bedrooms for rent in Trump Tower 2 condo
903$7,800$42/3/01962Oct 24, 2018A10558020
1607$7,000$32/3/02106Nov 28, 2018A10577522
605$4,200$32/2/01435Nov 28, 2018A10576420
1005$4,000$32/2/01435Sep 25, 2018A10543329
2905$3,900$32/2/01435Mar 03, 2017A10049055
2805$3,700$32/2/01435Apr 18, 2019A10656905
905$3,650$32/2/01435Jun 06, 2018A10480722
3705$3,500$22/2/01463May 06, 2019A10666744


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