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When you are looking for a place to call home, you want to know you are buying a high quality property that has the amenities and features you really need. Trump Royale understands that you want and deserve the best, and you can really see and feel that once you start looking at the units in the building. You’ll see that the building is a wonderful place to choose as your next home.

The residential units at Trump Royale feature a wealth of amenities and happen to be quite spacious and modern. In addition to the regular residences, you may also want to consider the Trump Royale penthouses. These are larger and have even more features that you might want.

Families always need to consider a number of things when they are making a home purchase. The location is important, and they need to know they have enough space for everyone to be happy. Trump Royale is close for the commute, close to quality schools and hospitals, as well as plenty of fun and interesting things to see and do. If you are looking for a wonderful condo package, it’s time to talk with us. Contact us today and get the details you need to make Trump Royale your new residence.

4 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
TS6$6,955,500$1,0834/5/16421Dec 21, 2016A10196528
TS2/TS$3,994,999$9294/4/14300Jan 26, 2017A10212523
609$3,990,000$9864/3/14045Mar 17, 2017A10243493
3 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
4601$2,550,000$8453/3/13016Dec 04, 2016A10188304
3604$2,299,000$1,0573/4/12174Feb 18, 2016A10036839
3504$2,250,000$1,0353/3/12174Jul 12, 2016A10113968
1206$2,249,000$1,0523/3/12137Aug 17, 2016A10131387
706$1,949,000$9123/3/12137Jun 08, 2016A10096403
5204$1,700,000$1,0353/2/11643Jul 29, 2016A10123979
4605$1,399,000$8873/2/01577Mar 03, 2017A10235033
PH5507$1,399,000$9333/3/01500Nov 05, 2015A2199404
2 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
4109$1,759,000$1,0212/2/11722Mar 22, 2017A10245278
4309$1,625,000$9442/2/11722Mar 21, 2017A10239473
3609$1,590,000$9232/2/11722Feb 15, 2017A10223484
3709A$1,450,000$1,0952/2/01324Jan 18, 2017F10048507
3709A$1,450,000$1,0952/2/01324Jan 18, 2017F10048711
1804$1,450,000$8832/2/11643Sep 11, 2015A2173736
4408$1,400,000$8922/2/11570Oct 17, 2016A10164203
4008$1,390,000$8852/2/11570Feb 15, 2017A10223490
PH5202$1,380,000$9202/2/11500Dec 29, 2016A10197320
904$1,350,000$8222/2/11643Feb 15, 2017A10224958
4409A$1,350,000$1,0202/2/01324Feb 20, 2017A10228071
3705$1,299,000$8242/2/01577Aug 29, 2016A10138785
PH5205$1,295,000$1,0952/2/01183Jul 18, 2016A10116993
1704$1,275,000$7762/2/11643Dec 27, 2016A10197582
4707$1,275,000$8082/2/11577Jul 14, 2016A10115598
5009A$1,245,000$9402/2/01324Jan 31, 2017A10216838
4507$1,200,000$7612/2/01577Jan 21, 2017A10206076
4101$1,190,000$7222/2/11649Jan 21, 2017A10201915
3407$1,150,000$7292/2/01577Apr 21, 2016A10071015
1607$1,085,000$7572/3/01434Mar 02, 2017A10233942
401$1,070,000$6492/2/11649Mar 10, 2017A10239039
905$1,060,000$8962/2/01183Jun 27, 2016A10106547
901A$999,900$7762/2/01289Jul 05, 2016A10110665
3601A$999,000$7752/2/01289Dec 11, 2016A10190635
3801A$998,000$7742/2/01289Mar 18, 2016A10052328
1701A$899,500$6982/2/01289Mar 16, 2017A10237780
501A$795,000$6172/2/01289Feb 23, 2017A10230674
1 Bedroom for sale in Trump Royale condo
1602$1,250,000$8341/2/11499Mar 16, 2017A10242894
PH5408$849,000$9231/1/1920Mar 10, 2017A10239681
PH5308$839,990$9131/1/1920Aug 16, 2016A10133272
4202$799,000$8341/1/1958Nov 26, 2016A10179681

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